Sunday, November 24, 2013

Since last ..

It has been a loong time since my last update. Here is what has been up. Right after AAUT I went into a training frenzy I trained 1-2 times a day 5 days a week. I needed to feel like I did something other than taking pills for the blood pressure. I felt like I was in the shape on my life and had nothing to do. I've read about people training for a race that was cancelled in the last moment. I guess this was kinda how they felt like.

Within a few weeks I could fell the medication making changes to my body. My maximum heart rate was soon lowered by 10-15 beats per minute and I was getting slower and slower. It took a few break downs, one of these after only 2-3 km, before I learnt to run in this new body of mine. I felt really gutted but I learned that keeping my heart rate below 150-160 bpm would allow me to run the same kinda distances that I was used too but going above 160 would burn me out instantly.

Eventually I started getting fast again and I joined a small group of people running a each Monday night in the dark in some awesome trails. This reboosted me and helped me see that I, even on medication, had a future running.

Sadly one evening 3 - 4 months ago, before a trial training session I had an stupid garden accident which left me with pain in my right achilles tendon. Stubborn as I can be I ignored it for a month or more still keeping my training regime going. I had gotten my speed back and I wasn't about to take a break. But it grew worse and worse and soon I was limping badly. I decided to run just one more marathon before taking a break. 'Luck' would have it that I also got a cold and a fever but I still insisted on running. I became dead last (5 hours and 11 minutes). The next couple of days was spent sleeping and sweating buckets.

I didn't run for 3 weeks after that. I had hoped for the pain to go away but instead the achilles tendon grew stiffer and I was limping even more.

I started running once a week and it gave me a relief for a couple of days afterwards but on the third day it would return worse than before. I kept this going for a few weeks until running simple became a pain from start till end and I knew it was time to stop and seek some help.

Soo .. I've been treated by a physiotherapist and have been doing a lot of eccentric exercises. They have worked wonders. I've also been scanned. It showed that I had partially ruptured the tendon but due to the rest and exercises it has almost healed up by now.

Now I'm almost ready to run again but my family have stated that they like having me home so I'm not sure that I'll head for the ultra running distances right away plus trail running has really kicked off in Denmark so it might be time for me to try something else .. less crowdy.