Sunday, March 4, 2018

2017, where did you go :)

Lots of stuff has happen since my last blog post.

Work wise I started as head of development in a company that had been disrupted after years of dominating the marked. Trying to turn this super tanker into an agile fast moving machine has taken a lot of energy and focus. Not much time left for ultra training

Family wise I got married to a beautiful ultra runner woman I met the first time in AAUT 2015, Megan. She joined me here in Denmark, though she was living in UK at time where we met. 

The joined family

Speaking of AAUT this year was the first year that I didn't run the 230 km ultra run since I did my first in 2012. I also had to skip a planned 100 km race that my wife and I had run in 2016 as well.

Some of my last posts included yoga and healthy eating. Another thing I want to share with you is meditation. I hope to find the time to write more about that in the near future.