Sunday, February 26, 2012

AAUT 2012

It has been a while I know. But I've felt more like training/running than writing about it.

I'm training harder and harder. I'm more fit than I've been for years and just yesterday I made a 19 km PR running on a very hilly trail.

I can still feel my knee but the specialist that I go to says that my symptoms are to small for me to get a free MR scanning. I've come to the conclusion that I'll ignore it. Instead I'll continue to strengthening the joint with exercises.

3 years ago I wasn't running. 2 years ago I ran a lot of half marathons. Last year I ran a lot of marathons. This year my only focus is AAUT. 230 km in 5 days. Very hilly, very hot and very hard.

AAUT 2012 - Stage 1 - 37km - Elevation Gain : 1,182m / Elevation Loss : 830m

AAUT 2012 - Stage 2 - 48km - Elevation Gain : 1,208m / Elevation Loss : 1,069m

AAUT 2012 - Stage 3 - 39km - Elevation Gain : 798m / Elevation Loss : 1,107m

AAUT 2012 - Stage 4 - 68km - Elevation Gain : 1,257m / Elevation Loss : 1,296m

AAUT 2012 - Stage 5 - 37km - Elevation Gain : 805m / Elevation Loss : 1,044m


Sunday, February 5, 2012

19 km @ -15 degrees

Did a 19 km run today together with a friend of mine. It was freezing 15 degrees Celsius when we started at 08:00 AM this morning but we had both dressed up (don't you just long for summer where you can run in shorts a optional t-shirt and nothing more).

The cold air made me short of breath at first but after a few kilometers everything felt fine. The route was part tar part trail. We saw quite a lot of deer, eagles and alike through out the run.

My friend is normally a much faster runner than me but had to slow down even more since I didn't wanted to stress my knee :) Our average pace was 5:46 which is more like my normal 30 km speed.

After the run I took the picture which should give you an idea of how cold it was.