Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I .. hunger!!

Currently I'm sitting on my arse and letting my legs and joints recover before my marathon on Sunday. All I'm thinking about atm is running. I've set 3 PR's the last three weekends (10k, 30k, 42.2k). I'm in the shape of my life. I've visited the fitness center today for some weight training and biking. I skipped my normal 14% gradient 1 km treadmill warm up run and biked 5k instead. Added a little extra on the weights and ended with a high pulse biking. Didn't help, I'm still hungry ..

Yesterday driving home from work all I could think about was how great it would feel to just stop the car and start running instead. It's no secret that my legs have given me some 'pain pleasure' after the latest marathon but when I've had to make a short sprint down the hall to open a door for someone they have felt great and I've just wanted the hall to go on and on and on..

It doesn't really help me that I'm currently reading 'Extremløberen' by Jacob Juul Hastrup. It is a book about how he became a extreme runner and a day by day report of all the extreme races that he have run since he started. Jungle Marathon, Raid Sahara, Gobi March, Yukon Arctic Challenge, The Track .. just to mention a few. The non running chapters aren't that great but the once about running puts you right inside his mind and lets you share his battle not to give up and to continue to do what he does best. Running brings order to his chaos. The harder the struggle the better the effect. That is something that I think most 'serious' runners can relate to.

My legs have felt almost normal today and I hope I get some time for a short run tomorrow. I really need it ;)

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  1. Mayby it is time to do something more than just junning. You sound like you ned something other in your life.