Saturday, December 10, 2016

Finding a foundation - Porridge

Porridge with apple (and a Rubik's cube about to be solved)

To work properly mentally and physically we need food. In my case a lot of it. We can easily find fast food to fill the hole in our stomach with but I find that it is much harder to find quality food on the road. Fast food tastes awesome but it will leave you to crave for more soon after and its long-term effect on the body, guts and circulation is bad, really really bad

One of my quick go to meals is porridge. Have you asked my younger self what my feelings about porridge was, I would have answered that I didn't like it. But this year I have really come to love it. The porridge I remember being a kid was this tasteless mass that would glue to the top of your mouth. I will share a recipe with you that is nothing like that.

I like keeping things simple so I just put the pot on my scale and add the ingredients one by one by weight.

1.) 70 gram of oatmeal
2.) 30 grams of quinoa
3.) 20 grams of honey
4.) 200 grams of boiling water
5.) 200 grams of milk

Boil for 15 minutes on medium heat to get the quinoa soft. If you don't have that long skip the quinoa or just eat them as is ( I do it all the time ). Serve with optional berries or fruit on top or mixed in of own likings.

Alterations: Lots! You can skip the honey and add more berries or bananas. You can skip the quinoa and replace it with more oatmeal. You can add more milk for a thinner texture. You can replace the milk with oat milk. Whatever you feel like :)

70 gram of oatmeal

30 gram of quinoa

20 grams of honey

200 gram of boiling water

200 gram of milk

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