Sunday, December 4, 2011


I've had a little treadmill action since my half a marathon a week ago (see Failure) but nothing more. Looking forward to get out there again. My right knee has been a little sore and I would like to test it soon to seen if it is OK

The arm is hurting less and less. Funny how a small fracture can totally make your arm unusable. I still can't straighten it all the way out but its getting there I can feel it :)

I've signed up for a little local marathon on the 26th December. If my knee is okay it will hopefully become my 8th marathon.


  1. It does not sound good at all. I do hope you will get well if you take a week of running.

    You can use the extra time givning to you by visiting friens, family etc in this Christmastime.

  2. Thanks Hammy! Both knee and arm are 'OK' now. I hope that it will stay that way. I'll never loose focus on what is in front of me ever again.