Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Building a plane

I've been building a new plane for a couple of weeks now. Every Tuesday I go visit one of my friends and while he is working on a very large seaplane I'm building a small aerobatic one. I've been flying an ElectroStik for the last two years and I like it alot but I've decided to try to build a FunAir which is more maneuverable and can fly a lot slower.

The FunAir plane is originally a fuel plane but I want to fly it with an electrical engine. At first I build the traditional short nosed body but I realized that the lack of a fuel tank would put place the center of gravity to far to the rear. I've therefor started on a new version which I given a longer nose. I'm not sure that it will fly this season but that is okay .. I've got 3 ElectroStik's in my garage :)

FunAir body
Finished body to the left
The longer nosed version

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