Thursday, September 22, 2011

Okay .. I'm nuts

I found out that there was a 50 km trail run in my 'back yard' this saturday. I already got a 21.1 km run on sunday but I can't ignore the running urge .. I simply have to run both. I'm nuts.

saturday (50 km) :
sunday (21.1 km) :

My plan is to run the 50 km in less than 6:30 hours which should be doable. I'll start out in 7:00 min/km and I'll try to keep that speed through the race. If I feel any problems I'll bail or simply walk. I want to be sure that I can run sunday!

I've caught a cold which makes me rethink at least the 50 k especially becauce the start has been moved to the morning which sux familywize.

Family situation is fixed. I WILL make the 50 k attempt :)

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