Monday, September 19, 2011

Something blue

I'm 1.97 meters tall and weights nearly 100 kg. That means that my shoes doesn't live long. I've just bought my fourth pair of shoes in 20 months. I really like Asics shoes and having run in kayano for nearly a year I desided to try the new Nimbus 13 for the extra softness. I've used Nimbus 11 earlier and loved them. The first thing I noticed was that the shoelaces is almost 20 cm shorter on the Nimbus 13 than the Kayano 17. That means that it is very hard to perform the lace lock that I'm used to. So when I ran the skovløberen marathon I decided to just skip the lace lock. During the race I did notice that the big toe hurted but thought nothing of it. The pain went away shortly after the race. A week later when I ran the Griseløbet half marathon I noticed the same pain but this time it didn't go away after the race .. at all! My big toe nail became really sensitive to touch and after a few days I noticed it had turned slightly blueish. A bit of googling told me that blue color + pain = new nail. I can already see how it has become loose at the root when I press it at the front. *Sigh* that wasn't part of my plans and really not the kinda injury I saw coming ;) I've run a few times with a lace lock afterwards and that seems to do the trick .. I'll try to remember not to ignore pain in the future :P

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