Saturday, September 24, 2011

My first Ultra race!

My wife woke me at 7 AM and I quickly got ready and headed for Kongskilde. Once there I got a surprice the race wasn't a turn around and it would end 50 km from where my car was parked. It used to be a turn around race but not this year .. *bummer* The race director said that it was OK for me to run a turn around version so that was my plan.

We set out at 8 AM and the 100 km runners quickly disappeared in the horizon. I was running my planned 7 min/km pace and they ran at 6. I quickly paired up with a woman that had actually overtaken me a few kilometers before the end of the Skovløberen marathon a few weeks ago. Her pace fitted mine perfectly. After 10 km hitting the first water post we agreed that I could get a ride with her and husband back to my car after the race \o/ I SMS'ed my wife and the race director that I WOULD end the race in Jyderup after all. I was rather happy that I would have the same race as the others.

We were joined on and off by a swedish 100 km runner. He was generally running a little bit slower than us but we were using more time at the water posts. Actually while I writing this at 8 PM he is still out there and probably first will be done at 10 PM. That is a 14 hours race!

It was nice to have someone to talk to during a race that long even though the most of the talking ended after 35 km where my female companion got nausea. From the start we had walked all the major hills from this point on we were climbing the smaller ones also (which was fine by me).

I had a small crises myself from 38 to 40 km. I became really hot and that is my nemesis when running. I became dizzy and had a hard time keeping my speed. I had started the day in a long sleeved shirt plus a t-shirt. At the 40 km water post I took off the long sleeved one and after that I was flying again. We parted at 44 km. I really felt flying and she was really nausea. At this point I started meeting all the 6 min/km 100 km runners who were heading back to the start/finish area. They looked in great shape. A little later I passed a woman out on a walk and man she was smelling nice! Hadn't I been running I would have asked her for the name of that perfume for my wife.

44 km to 47 km went by fast but the last 3 km couldn't end fast enough. I was a little confused that the route actually left Jyderup again crossing a rather large road. Had I missed a sign? I really hoped not because at this point I was rather thirsty and hadn't a drop of water with me. With about 500 meter to go the route turned south and reentered Jyderup again. On the top of a hill I could see a young woman and a small boy clapping and I knew that that had to be the finish line. It was :)

She was the race director daughter and she had made some soup for us which was great on top of running 50 km. Her son was a little chatty fellow that really put a smile on my face :)

About 5 minutes later the swede came and after a quick pit stop he continued back the way he came. I really hope he is okay. It is dark outside now and not all the signs was easy to see even in the daylight.

A little later my female companion also reached the finish line. She was sadly still very nausea but had done really great after all.

So that was my first ultra race. A 50 km trail run by the Jyderupsti. Tomorrow I have a 21.1 km race in Næstved. I have no idea how it will go. I'll have to take it slow my big toe nail is getting very loose and I'm rather worn down by today's race ;)

Btw. BIG thanks to the race director Kåre and his family for arranging this run. It was by far the most beautiful race I've ever run. I hope some day to run the 100 km version :)

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