Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Training again :)

After nearly two weeks of resting (=not running) I finally had a chance to get an appointment at the doctor. He gave me a pretty thorough examination and which took a fair bit longer that the designated time slot too bad for the next person waiting ;) He was able to rule out all the knee injuries that I had been reading about and fearing like injuries to the meniscus, cartilage or cruciate ligament.

Luckily it was nothing more that a inflammation in a small tendon to the left of the knee cap. He even said that I couldn't make it worse by running which really really really made my day. He suggested a few things that I could do to speed up healing but stop running wasn't on the list :)

Afterwards I of course contacted my mentor and he gave me a new training schedule right a way. I don't do anything with out his approval. He has the experience and I respect that and I only hope to learn as much as possible from him.

This evening I've had my first training session and it was great :)

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