Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Come on .. seriously!?

I just sat down and looked at my PR's. What is up with that 5:01:03 marathon time. Seriously I run 21.1 km in less than 2 hours. I could then walk for nearly two hours and still make it in less than 5 hours running the rest of the race in a fairly slow pace. Do I aim too (s)low?

By now I've run 5 marathon including my ultra race:

1.) My first marathon. Was run in snow. I just wanted to finish and had to change to dry clothes halfway through the race. Average moving pace was 6:55 min/km.
2.) *Sigh* Got an injury early on. Shouldn't have completed the race. Average moving pace was 7:21 min/km.
3.) A spontaneously marathon with no preparations. Took my time at all the water post to compensate for an empty stomach. Got hip problems halfway through and lowered my pace to ease the pain. Average moving pace was 7:12 min/km.
4.) Ultra race 50 km. Just wanted to make it through. Took my fair time eating and drinking at the water posts. The race was great but in no way fast. Average moving pace was 7:34 min/km.
5.) Aimed for 5 hours and 'got it'. Made only short water post stops. Didn't walk or had any other problems except freezing ;) Average moving pace was 6:59 min/km.

5 hours .. bah! ;)

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