Sunday, October 30, 2011

PR: 30k. Videos included :)

Today I headed for the Dyrehaven park north of Copenhagen to make an attempt on a new 30 k PR. My target was going below 3 hours which would be a 20 minute improvement. I've been dissatisfied with my marathon times lately and I've been suspecting that I was simply running to safe (=slow) after an injury at the Copenhagen marathon which broke me mentally. If I managed today's target I would feel sure enough of myself to aim for marathon time about 4:15-4:30 at my next marathon.

Dyrenhaven is one of my favorit places to run. It has some really step hills but the settings are great and there are a lot of stags (kronhjorte in danish) walking around the fields. I've set my halv marathon PR here earlier this year. I usually go there with a good friend who follows me on his MTB.

Today I asked him to film me at different stages of the run to see how my technique looked especially late in run were I would be tired. I hoped that the plank and side plank exercises that I have doing had improved my lines.

Today I was running in my old Kayano and compensated the gnawing problem by taping my foot at the problem area. They feels much better for me than my new Nimbus.

To reach my target I had to keep my average pace below 6:00. I started a little fast but I didn't wanted to end up in the same situation as my last marathon ;) Everything went great. I had an energy gel at 10 k and at 20 k. I didn't bring water at all but brought a energy mix instead.

Below are my videos and my final picture which reveals that I DID make it in time with a few minutes to spare actually :) 30 km @ 2:56 :D 

Now I'm looking forward for my next chance to set a PR at a marathon ;) 

@ ~15 km

@ 20 km

@ 27 km

@ 30 km :)

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