Sunday, October 23, 2011

New PR @ 10k

It has been sometime since I've tested my form on a short distance race and after having watched a documentary on James Cracknell's Marathon Des Sables race I REALLY felt like running fast today. I used my old Asics Kayano instead of the softer Nimbus ones. I've used Asics shoes since I started to run for real which adds up to 4 pair of shoes of mixed Kayano and Nimbus. I really like the softness of the Nimbus but the stiffer Kayano is really what my right foots pronation need. The only thing about the Kayano is that for some reason my left foot big toe pad hates it. After a few kilometers it feels like it is on fire. I've never had that problem in the Nimbus. It might be time for me to try another brand of shoes.

Last week I made my first iphone app which is aimed for calculating the pace you need to run a given distance in a give time.

My first homemade iphone app :)

To reach the time that I wanted (below 48:00) I knew that I had to run at a higher average pace than 4:48. Out the door I went and the straight back indoor again. Brr.. to cold to run in shorts so I changed to my 3/4 tights instead. Out the door again and off I went. Love the feeling of running on fresh legs. The first 5k of my 10k route goes uphill. Not by much but just about 6-70 meters in total. Legs felt great and I wasn't looking as much on my watch as I am used to. I more or less just ran as fast as felt right. When I reached the 5k turn point I noticed that I had nearly broken my 5k PR. Impressive on a uphill run as part of a 10k event. I knew then that I really was in better shape than ever before. The last 5k I focused on keeping the pace. I knew that my average pace had to stay below 4:48 and the last 3-4 k it more or less stayed on 4:47. With 1k to go it suddenly said 4:48 and I responded by going all in. "Faster faster faster. Give it all you got". Soon my average pace was showing 4:47 again and it stayed there all the way to the finish. Once I reached  my front yard I threw myself in the grass. After a minute (or two) of recuperation I looked at my watch and confirmed my new PR :)

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  1. Awesome! I love training run PR's. And I love using the Garmin as motivation. Now just imagine how fast you would run in a 10k race. You know Herlufsholm has a 10k race series all fall. It's a possibility :).