Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The weakest link

This year I've run 4 marathons and in most of them I've been rather sore in my hips during and afterward the race. It usually starts in the late 10s and I stop thinking about it in the 30s. I didn't really think about it at my last race but I think I was focusing in it being cold instead ;)

1-2 months ago I started doing weight training because that I had noticed some pain in my lower back when running and that has helped a lot. So when I joined a lecture about running injuries a couple of days ago I hoped to gain some insight in my 'hip problem'. Was it something that potentially could become an injury or could I ignore it.

It was a great lecture by Tomas Pilsborg (physiotherapist, runner, ..). It seemed that based on his knowledge and values I did nearly everything right except 2 things.

1.) Currently I don't run often yet I run long distances = high risk for injury.
2.) My hips aren't strong enough to run these distances = high risk for injury.

I dunno what to do about the first problem yet but I guess it involves running more often and shorter distances. I just have to find the time.

The second problem I did some googling about and it seems that there are some great excises for this specific area. The plank and the side plank. This was the best public video I've been able to find for you.

I tried them out yesterday and they are HARD :) But I guess that that means they are working!

I hope that with a strong core my marathon time can get cut a lot and I'm confident that my 100 km race goal for next year won't be possible at all without these exercises . I have my next planed marathon in about a month I hope to test my new hips there.

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