Saturday, October 29, 2011

Forests Rocks!

My daughter had a lot of surplus energy today so I thought I would take her for a trip into the forest where she could run about and play. We left the house with her in the baby jogger and headed for the forest. I live next to a lake and only a few minutes from a large forest. It been sometime since I've visited it and looking at it today made me wonder why. The fog today gave it an extra spiritual atmosphere. I really wished that I had suited up and we were going for a forest run instead of a forest play.  

My daughter ended up not wanting to leave the baby jogger more than a few minutes where we looked at extremely large rock and a little purple mushroom :) Passing a marked MTB trail I thought 'why don't runners have the same kinda marked trails?'. The MTB trail looked far funnier to run than the larger trail that everybody else are supposed to use. Later on when I passed the MTB trail again I turned the baby jogger down the path and tried it out it was greeeeat ;). When I was a kid I won a lot of BMX races included some championships but I've never taken on MTB as an adult but those MTB tails really really looks inviting even without wheels :)

Tomorrow I'll be going to one of our major parks in Denmark to try to make a 30k PR. I have a good friend that will pace me on his bike. I'm really looking forward to get running it will be my first real run all week.

Couldn't help but taking a picture of this little purple thingy


  1. Great pictures! Is that Sorø? Where are you attempting your 30k PR? Hey, and maybe you've done it by now (I hope so).

  2. Hi SLG :) Yep, they are from a forest due west of Sorø. I think it is called Grydeberg Skov.

    My PR was run in Dyrehaven and yep I did succeed well within my target but I'll be writing a post about it later today :) I hope you will check it out ;)